How To Get the benefits of shopping, leisure activities and dining with coupon deals 2016

 How To Get the benefits of shopping, leisure activities and dining with coupon deals 2016

The world is today a hive of amazing options in every walk of life. In a city like Dubai where people from all over the world come together, the living experience is one that is truly international. There are so many new things to try that the newcomers or for that matter even long-time residents can, at times, be bedazzled. In such circumstances the only thing that can seem to be a restrictive issue is the prohibitive cost of those things.

It is possible however to sample the unlimited opportunities the city has to offer without being really bothered by the prices using coupon deals. They are coupons that offer discounts on various products and services. For example, if you want to use beauty and health services in Dubai, you can always find coupons for them. You can go to the place mentioned in the coupon and avail their services at discounted prices. These coupons are sometimes offered across a chain of, say, gyms or beauty parlours and you can easily find a branch close to your home for comfort. Depending on the service you need you can always find the coupon with the maximum amount of discount so that the prices of those services need not be a restrictive factor.

If you would like to explore the city at your leisure there are also many coupon deals in Dubai that can make your both your travel and shopping experiences economical. They offer special discounts on meals for all those who want to eat out, and some offer discounts to those who want to book a hotel room for their stay. Many of them offer attractive options that can give you the freedom to choose without being constantly harried by the issue of money. Depending on your choice of cuisine you can find the deal that suits both your palate and your pocket. Shopping also becomes an unforgettable experience with deals. Depending on what you want to buy, you can find deals for shopping at the best apparel and footwear stores, accessory stores, daily needs stores and even jewellery stores. Thus, there are coupons available for both your everyday shopping as well as shopping for special occasions.

Another advantage to these coupons apart from the fact that they save a lot of money is that they can be given as gifts on special days. When a loved one is celebrating a birthday or anniversary instead of buying a gift, you can find a discount coupon that he or she can use to buy a gift of their choice. So go out and explore the magical world of coupons to make your world truly a limitless one.

Office Leasing Rises 2016 with the Sliding Residential Real Estate Market!

 Office Leasing Rises 2016 with the Sliding Residential Real Estate Market!

On comparing the office space transactions in 2014 and 2015, the average transacted office size leases across Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune and Chennai have increased greatly when compared to the uncertain times seen in the first quarter of 2014. Ashutosh Limaye, the national director at commercial real estate Agency in India said that, the market spirit was really low in the first quarter of 2014, but after the general elections in May 2014, the market sentiment started improving gradually, taking the example of Mumbai which witnessed 65% rise in average deal sizes between Q2 2014 and Q2 2015.

Good time for commercial real estate

  • Limaye said that, the good days for commercial real estate are returning, and the number of transactions is increasing in all the major cities. Pune is leading with an impressive 89% year-on-year growth in the transacted space per deal, followed by Bengaluru (78%) and Chennai (67%).
  • He also said that, occupiers are not just leasing the larger office spaces, but are also expecting the space to be on the same floor, because of which the developers are constructing bigger floor plates.

Residential real estate seems to be sinking

  • This being the condition of commercial real estate, the residential developers are under high pressure and are owing to slow-moving sales and cash flow issues in the same cities. So, in order to keep the residential prices in a favourable range, the developers are building smaller apartments instead of lowering the price across major cities.
  • In 2015, apart from marketing tactics like on-spot discounts and flexible payment schemes, it’s been noticed that size of apartments is falling across the major cities in India. Mumbai stands first in the list of cities that witnessed largest fall in apartment sizes (5%), followed by Bengaluru, Chennai and Pune with 4%, 4% and 1% respectively.
  • According to commercial real estateagency in India, the fall of apartment sizes in Mumbai from 2010 to present has been 26%. And for the same period, Bengaluru registered a fall of about 23.7%, followed by Chennai (22.7%) and Pune (7%). Average unit sizes in Chennai and Pune have been the lowest among all the four cities.

While the configuration remains the same (2 BHK), the developers have reduced the size and have made it more compact. The possible reason for developers reducing the size of apartments might be to better suit the lower spending power of buyers. Also, the urban buyers these days are willing to live in smaller sized homes that are near to their offices. They prefer to live in a compact house that is equipped with all the basic amenities instead of spending hours of time in traveling.

The developers can think of changing the apartment sizes prior to the completion of foundation without any hassles, as price correction is market-driven. This can definitely be a good move for developers, as they will be able to reduce the price and keep the configuration unchanged.

Social Enterprise 2016; the Business Model to Ensure Long-Term Sustainability

 Social Enterprise 2016; the Business Model to Ensure Long-Term Sustainability


The modern business world is moving towards a big change where businesses will be catalyst to a positive consequence. The main objective of those businesses will not to earn great profitability for shareholders but to leave a positive impact on communities and consumers. In other words, businesses that strongly work on their ethics and values, that commit to do right things and that depends upon 3Ps – Profit, Purpose and People are only going to survive in future. Any organization that works on this kind of business agenda is called social enterprise. Here is more to know about this modern business framework –

How do social enterprises work?

Growth and profitability are the two most important goals on which every business works from beginning. But now, the modern business strategy needs to involve commercial strategies for increasing improvement in human and ensure the well-being of environment rather than just earning profits for shareholders.

For meeting this goal, every social enterprise develops independent business strategies and list relevant activities that can resolve employment issues and support social growth. Social enterprises work not only for employing people who are exploited in the labor market but also take care of social benefits, consumers’ favor and improvement of the environment.

What is the importance of social enterprises?

The modern business world demands social enterprises for meeting their goals that lie upon attaining sustainability. For this purpose, organizations work upon the triple bottom line business strategy that ensures overall growth of the business along with profitable deals for the society and environment. The three dimensions of triple bottom line are three Ps i.e. people, planet and profit. These three Ps covers the overall growth of human and society as well as improvement in the environment. In this way, social enterprises work with an accounting framework with the specific goal of environmental, social and financial improvement.

What is the projected consequence of social enterprising?

The overall concept of conscious capitalism and social enterprising is that a business should not be running just for the sake of financial profit. A strong and effective business model that can bring sustainability to businesses is required now. To meet the demand of modern smart customers, none of the business can imagine good growth without explaining to consumers that for what the business works, how it works and why it works. Also, people want to know that how any business does is profitable on social and environmental aspects. In future, only businesses who will be able to satisfy these queries of consumers will survive. As social enterprising is the perfect business framework to satisfy customers and attaining sustainability, it is the best working business model for long term success.

Bad Credit Car Loans 2015 – Essential Tasks to Help You Succeed

 Bad Credit Car Loans 2015 – Essential Tasks to Help You Succeed

“The car has become a secular sanctuary for the individual, his shrine to the self, his mobile Walden Pond.” – Edward McDonagh

Cars are not just a mode of conveyance for us. We love cars and wish to own one that gives extreme joy and social status as well. If you are looking for a car, you must concentrate on obtaining car loans. It is because the sky-rocketing prices of cars have made it impossible to buy a car with cash.

When you apply for a car loan, your credit score is taken into consideration with several other factors. If you have bad credit score, like most other people who have suffered through the economic recession, you will have to remain extremely cautious. It is because a single mistake can result in unnecessary high interest rates. It may even damage your chances of improving your credit score. So, here is a list of essential tasks that you should assume in order to complete the car buying process successfully:


A. Create A Budget

Calculate your budget so that you don’t buy a car that is not in your price range. If you ascertain your spending limit, it will help you in negotiating affordable loan payments with the lender. If you are confused about what income and expenses to consider, you can use online car loan calculators available in the market.

B. Save for Down Payment

Most lenders offer high rates on bad credit auto loans. If you obtain a huge loan amount, you will have to spend more money on interest. But, you can turn this losing situation into a victory by making down payment. Down payment will lower your loan amount and will help you in making lower payments as well.

But, don’t worry if you don’t have money for making down payment. You can trade-in your old car and avoid paying in cash. There is one more alternative to help you avoid down payment and it is called bad credit no money down auto loan program. You can avail this loan program at slightly higher interest rates.

C. Complete Paperwork

Bad credit lenders have become lenient and made approval easier. So, you won’t need additional documents for securing bad credit auto loans. You just have to provide:

1. Identification Proof (SSN)
2. Income Proof (Employee Verification Letter, Recent Pay-Stubs)
3. Financial Statements (Bank Details, Tax Information)
4. Receipts of Utility Bills


Gone are the days when bad credit car buyers had no place to apply for an auto loan. Today, you can get bad credit car loans from:

1. Online Auto Financing Companies
2. Car Dealerships
3. Credit Unions
4. Traditional Banks and Other Lenders

Before you start submitting loan applications to everyone, make sure that you understand their loan approval criteria and apply with the lender/dealer that suits your
financial condition.

Usually, online companies have the least stringent requirements and higher approval ratio. It is because they work with a network of sub-prime lenders and dealers. So, they have the advantage of forwarding your application to other lenders if the first one rejects it.

So, search for a reputed online auto financing company and apply for the most suitable auto loan option that improves your credit ratings. Hope you become successful in finding the best bad credit auto loan program. All the best!

Rapid Car Loans is a reputed online bad credit auto financing company of America. It is extremely popular among bad credit car buyers because of its ability to provide guaranteed auto loan approval. If you are looking for a low rate car loan, apply with the company. It will help you in securing the best rates on the loan program.

Can You Get A Motorcycle Loan With Horrible Credit 2015?

 Can You Get A Motorcycle Loan With Horrible Credit 2015?

Getting a motorcycle can be an excellent investment. They use less gas, they allow you to enjoy the fresh air, and they don’t take up much space. It’s a favorite pastime in America and many people have decided to get one for their home.

While cars are great for transporting your family, for bad weather conditions or for needing to be able to talk to your passenger during the trip, motorcycles are a great way to save on gas, have an enjoyable ride and you’ll even be more focused since you won’t be tempted to text and drive.

For those that would like to invest in a motorcycle, but realize their credit is not in good shape, they may be wondering how they could get their motorcycle loan. Although motorcycles can be expensive, there are ways for those with horrible credit to get a motorcycle loan.

Where to Begin

If you are looking to get a motorcycle with horrible credit, you are not out of luck. The first thing you want to do is start saving up money because you’re going to need a big down payment. This way, you don’t have to pay cash for a bike, but you’re more likely to get a loan because you can put down a large chunk of it. This will also decrease the amount of money you’d pay over the life of the loan.

Try to get a Co-Signer

While this is not possible for everyone, you could try to get a co-signer. It doesn’t have to be a relative. It just needs to be someone who is willing to sign their name on the loan saying they will pay the loan if you don’t. As long as you pay your loan, your co-signer won’t need to do anything, but having a co-signer increases your chances of getting approved for a loan.

Try to Improve your Credit Score

Practicing better financial decisions and strategies can help to improve your credit score. Getting in good standing on any past due debts and lower credit card balances can also help. Over time, your credit will start to improve and you will be more likely to get approved for a loan.

If you don’t have Luck with the Bank

If you’ve tried to get a loan through a bank lender, there are other options. Look online for lenders that may give you a personal loan. Another way you could go is to try borrowing from someone you know on a loan basis. If a relative or friend lends you the money, you could have a type of contract typed up with this person on when you agree to make payments and if they’ve asked you to pay them any interest.


Another way to get a loan is through a process of micro-lending, a practice in which small investors put money into your loan and get some of the interest instead of it all going to the lender. This is helpful for bad credit borrowers who are looking for someone to help put money down on their loan, but will also benefit through getting interest. It’s a good investment for both lenders and borrowers.

Bad Credit Loans

If you are able to get a loan, it’s probably a bad credit loan. This is still a loan so you could still get the motorcycle. The only downside to bad credit loans they come with higher interest, but regardless, it still gets you the motorcycle. Beware, bad credit loans typically come with higher penalties if you don’t follow the terms of the loan.

What to bring when trying to get a loan

Make sure you bring with you a few items including:

  1. A valid driver’s license or ID
  2. Your social security number
  3. Proof of your income, usually several months of consistent paystubs
  4. Proof of your residence, the bank needs to know you have a permanent address
  5. Make sure you are at least 18 years old if you want a loan

Getting a motorcycle loan with horrible credit isn’t impossible. Take these steps when trying to get a loan and remember that you can always improve your credit, save up a large down payment, and try again later.